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Visual notes by Matteo Becchi, The Clearing

Decisions are more than the sum of their parts.

Every day we make thousands of decisions in our personal and work lives. We are constantly inundated with loads of information. The speed of change can be overwhelming, requiring us to relentlessly adapt. In our ever-connected world, decisions seem to have greater and greater consequences and a wider impact. And to top it off, we have our internal, unconscious biases – inhibiting us from seeing what is actually happening in the present – to contend with.

Work Better Day 2018 focused on the variety of vexing challenges that exist across the spectrum of decision making and how how it
impacts our lives, our work, and our ability to work better.

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“It was almost like an overall leadership lab and everything was so applicable to my day-to-day.”

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Gabrielle Bosche speaks to, and for, all ages in all industries.
keynote speaker: Gabrielle Bosche

Generational Decision Making

It’s a time of momentous change, the largest generational power handoff in history. The demographic and culture transformation sweeping through the workspace is requiring organizations to employ all the tools at their disposal to understand and facilitate this change. Boomers are ceding control
to Generation X, a group one-third their size and with differing values and motivators. Millennials, now the largest generation in the workforce and with their own unique motivators, are moving into management roles. There’s a lot of
change and uncertainty in this transfer of knowledge, experience, and culture, especially when each group has differing ideas of the role of work in our lives.

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Thought Activity: WBD Annual 2018

Unconscious Bias Workshop

Directed by Lorne Epstein

Diverse organizations and teams are stronger, more creative, and more innovative. But our conscious and unconscious biases can cloud our decision-making abilities and inhibit us from seeing what is actually happening in the present. 

We all have biases, often unconscious, that are both biological and informed by our encounters with the world. We will never be free of our biases, but we can become aware of them and learn how they affect us.

Lorne implored attendees to bring the lessons from the day back to their workplaces and have continuing conversations with their teams about bias. The more we talk about and accept our own biases, the more we move it from the unconscious to the conscious.

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September 30

The Agenda


The Hatchery

The Hatchery is the core of AARP's state-of-the-art innovation center in their Washington, D.C. Headquarters.


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