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Over 100 responses were shared.

How crowd-sourcing assets and obstacles gave us insight into the vital elements of successful organizations.

What is working? and What isn't working?

Participants identified two assets (things that are working) and two obstacles (things that are not working) in their work environment.

The top three assets (culture, collaboration, leadership) and the top three obstacles (communication, process, leadership) all related to people. The culture, policies, and processes of organizations play an outsize role in our work experiences.

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“Overall, I valued the different perspectives from other business owners, managers and the speakers. It is always good to get hands on with activities.”

Anonymous feedback from WBD 2017 participant

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Participants worked to identify opportunities for improving low performing teams.

Design Sprints

Tim Ogilvie began by illustrating how his consultancy, Peer Insight, uses design thinking sprints to work through different solutions until a viable one is realized.

What makes Ogilvie's process a “sprint” is that it is 1) completed quickly at only a few minutes per exercise and 2) requires a "finish line" (i.e. the team needs to decide something actionable).  

After demonstrating how Peer Insight implements this process themselves, Ogilvie put participants to work, having them perform their own Design Thinking Sprint in small groups. While Ogilvie facilitated the activity, he also stopped to engage the audience on their progress. He encouraged participants to share their work and stories with the rest of the room, allowing attendees to relate to one another, as well as learn from each others' experiences.

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keynote speaker: WBD Annual 2017

The Crisis of Disengagement

Andrew Sherman Blurb Blurb

Andrew Sherman provided a wake-up call for WBD participants.

A lawyer, author and professor, Sherman captivated the audience from the onset,  seamlessly weaving hard data with a smattering of cultural references to illustrate his thesis (and name of his book), The Crisis of Disengagement.

Sherman cited a 2016 Gallup report which stated over 70% of the workforce describe themselves as either disengaged or actively disengaged - a statistic he attributes to employers’ resistance to investing in their employees. He argues that if employers can instead leverage their employees’ potential value, the benefits are endless.

Get to know Andrew Better
September 30

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