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Torin Ellis

Diversity & Risk Mitigation Strategist

Torin leads a progressive boutique with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategy and risk mitigation. The boutique firm empowers the client company talent function through a comprehensive catalog of human capital solutions to ensure teams effectively attract, nurture, and retain the most dynamic talent necessary to not only meet, but transcend business vision. He pursues and submits to a process driven entirely by context and gathering of information.  

Torin embraces a collaborative talent approach built on transparency, objective clarity, actionable strategy, and rigorous performance monitoring. It’s the reason some of the world’s most forward thinking companies (ESPN, Nike, Redfin) rely on his brand to tackle underrepresentation challenges. Torin makes D&I a thriving force for the enterprise and constituents – to include employees as well as client and partner relationships. A consistent proponent of “activist like efforts” that include a long-track record of service to boards, communities, and schools local to Baltimore and beyond.  

A published author, Executive Producer and Host of Career Mix, a weekly show SiriusXM host, Torin is determined to shift and socialize the DEI narrative and result through ambitious and creative solutions, honest discovery, and vocal agitation.  Accomplishments include winning Top Recruiter – Season 4 and being listed by as one of “10 Baltimore tech and entrepreneurship leaders who should run for mayor,” signaling a lighter side of this focused professional.

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