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Alicia unleashes human potential by building values-driven organizations.

About Alicia Korten

Alicia builds values-driven cultures with organizations like Mary’s Gone Crackers, the Ford Foundation and the Arlington Community Federal Credit Union. Her clients commonly experience significant growth and receive such awards as "best place to work" and "best in industry." Her books and culture curriculum include Values Ignite, Values Sustain and Change Philanthropy.

While growing up in Indonesia, the Philippines, Nicaragua and the US, Alicia learned the importance of culture and context in shaping results. Each time she settled in a new country, she saw how her personality and sense of self changed. A natural explorer, she has motorcycled across Bali and even lived on a garbage dump in the Philippines for a week!

Alicia uses crowdsourcing and storytelling to tap into a company’s collective wisdom. Surfacing that collective knowledge, and engaging people across departments in shaping the future of a company, is the key to great culture.

"Really great to hear the stresses, fears, successes and joys of colleagues, [as well as] organic stress reduction, knowing we are all in the same boat."

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Alicia Korten, CEO of the Culture Company and award-winning author

Event Recap

Thought Activity: WBD Annual 2018

Unconscious Bias Workshop

Directed by Lorne Epstein

Diverse organizations and teams are stronger, more creative, and more innovative. But our conscious and unconscious biases can cloud our decision-making abilities and inhibit us from seeing what is actually happening in the present. 

We all have biases, often unconscious, that are both biological and informed by our encounters with the world. We will never be free of our biases, but we can become aware of them and learn how they affect us.

Lorne implored attendees to bring the lessons from the day back to their workplaces and have continuing conversations with their teams about bias. The more we talk about and accept our own biases, the more we move it from the unconscious to the conscious.

Get to know Lorne Better
September 30

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