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Former CIA Chief & Start-Up Visionary, Mike Mears

About Mike Mears

Prior to his role at the CIA as Chief of Human Capital (and founding the CIA Leadership Academy), Mike was Senior Vice President at GE Investments where he managed private equity funds, was a turnaround specialist, and a Six Sigma Black Belt.  Before that, he launched eleven small business start-ups, and was president of a shall-be-unnamed fast-food company.  Mike served as commander of a nuclear missile site, a general’s aide, and as a U.S. Army combat platoon leader in Vietnam where he was decorated for valor.

"A wonderful, thought-provoking lecture. It was entertaining, engaging, and highly beneficial. This was an amazing opportunity...thank you for opening this up to the community!"

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Mike's interactive approach is applicable both professionally and personally.

Be a Better Leader

Mike's decades of unique experience position him as an unparalleled expert in the dynamics of leadership. Delve into some of his strategies for empowering yourself to improve your leadership and management skills.

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Thought Activity: WBD Annual 2018

Unconscious Bias Workshop

Directed by Lorne Epstein

Diverse organizations and teams are stronger, more creative, and more innovative. But our conscious and unconscious biases can cloud our decision-making abilities and inhibit us from seeing what is actually happening in the present. 

We all have biases, often unconscious, that are both biological and informed by our encounters with the world. We will never be free of our biases, but we can become aware of them and learn how they affect us.

Lorne implored attendees to bring the lessons from the day back to their workplaces and have continuing conversations with their teams about bias. The more we talk about and accept our own biases, the more we move it from the unconscious to the conscious.

Get to know Lorne Better
September 30

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