Last year, we looked at Decision Making as both a tool and obstacle.

Talk is cheap.
Until it costs you everything.

Voice. Email. Text. Slack. Video calls. GitHub. Intranets. How many languages do we speak every day?

If rapid technology evolution wasn’t enough, then the generational gap should be, with five generations now in the workplace. So what are the rules of communication, and who makes them?  How can you leverage communication skills to build mutuality among your team, drive creativity, and inspire confidence in yourself and others?  Your own interpersonal communication are pieces of a puzzle for negotiating, problem-solving, self-promoting, or collaborating with a colleague. Communication is how we get work done.

Work Better Day 2019
September 18
7am - 1pm
Gallup DC

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We'll examine your individual styles, needs and wants around interpersonal communication and explore how to communicate more effectively by digging into the dynamic of human interaction and your specific needs.

The day involves investigative workshops, good food, and awesome speakers. Learn about Visual Communication, common language, and dive into interpersonal communication: what it means and how it affects the way we view our world, ourselves, and each other.

Join OPX and the minds at Gallup!
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work better day 2019: emcee

Torin Ellis

Diversity & Risk Mitigation Strategist

Torin leads a progressive boutique with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategy and risk mitigation. The boutique firm empowers the client company talent function through a comprehensive catalog of human capital solutions to ensure teams effectively attract, nurture, and retain the most dynamic talent necessary to not only meet, but transcend business vision. He pursues and submits to a process driven entirely by context and gathering of information.  

Torin embraces a collaborative talent approach built on transparency, objective clarity, actionable strategy, and rigorous performance monitoring. It’s the reason some of the world’s most forward thinking companies (ESPN, Nike, Redfin) rely on his brand to tackle underrepresentation challenges. Torin makes D&I a thriving force for the enterprise and constituents – to include employees as well as client and partner relationships. A consistent proponent of “activist like efforts” that include a long-track record of service to boards, communities, and schools local to Baltimore and beyond.  

A published author, Executive Producer and Host of Career Mix, a weekly show SiriusXM host, Torin is determined to shift and socialize the DEI narrative and result through ambitious and creative solutions, honest discovery, and vocal agitation.  Accomplishments include winning Top Recruiter – Season 4 and being listed by Technical.ly as one of “10 Baltimore tech and entrepreneurship leaders who should run for mayor,” signaling a lighter side of this focused professional.

Work Better Day 2019: opening remarks

Mohamed Younis

Editor in Chief, Gallup

As editor in chief, Mohamed leads the Gallup News team. For the past 10 years, Mohamed has led some of Gallup's largest global and regional studies on social, political and economic issues. His research at Gallup has focused on geopolitics and the shifting global order, U.S. foreign policy, state stability, youth employment challenges, and relations between Muslim communities and Western societies.


Mohamed provides briefings to world leaders and institutions on Gallup's research and provides expert insights to television, radio and print media worldwide. Since 2012, Mohamed has led Gallup's initiatives on situational intelligence and open-source monitoring. He leads a team of strategic advisers who monitor and consult on real-time geopolitical shifts around the world. Mohamed is a member of the Virginia State Bar, has studied and worked in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and is fluent in Arabic.

work better day 2019: Keynote speaker

Camille Preston

Optimization Expert

Camille understands where people are, what is happening to them, and how to be their best selves most quickly. Camille specializes in helping people unlock their capacity for excellence, action, and impact. Her clients learn to lead—and live—better.

A psychologist by training, Camille is masterful in recognizing underlying patterns that inhibit performance.  She works with individuals and teams to identify specific actions they can take to amplify impact. In 2008, she identified the negative impact of technology and was on the front edge of the tech mindfulness movement with her book Rewired.  

Camille is a thought leader in virtual effectiveness, cracking the code for understanding how to leverage technology, how to rewire for results, and how to create impactful, effective collaborations with people who you do not see face to face. Her clients master leadership agility, the vital new competency for individuals, teams, and organizations in our wired world.

Camille is a Partner at Blackhorn Ventures and an adjunct faculty at the Center for Creative Leaderships. She has a PhD in psychology from the University of Virginia, an executive coaching certificate from Georgetown University, and advanced leadership training from the Center for Creative Leadership. She is certified in every major professional and cognitive assessment, from MBTI to Neurolinguistics Programming and Neurostrategies.

Work Better Day 2019: COMMUNICATION LAB I

Matteo Becchi

Senior Consultant, The Clearing

Matteo Becchi is a Senior Consultant with The Clearing in Washington, D.C., with over twenty years of professional experience in the private sector as well as government and higher education markets.  

As an IT Project Management Professional (PMP, CSM), Organization Development (OD) consultant, and Graphic Recorder/Graphic Facilitator, he is passionate about helping people, groups and organizations improve the way they live and work regarding people dynamics, engagement, interpersonal interactions, and behaviors.

(If you were with us for Work Better Day 2018, you may have seen his work before. Matteo recorded the event in an illustrative graphic, featured in last year's report. The result was powerful, provoking Work Better Day to think about different communication formats and, in many ways, this particular event topic.)

Assisting Matteo will be Anna-Ruth Beckman, a Senior Consultant with The Clearing in Washington, DC. She primarily works with public sector organizations moving through planned changed and transformation projects. As an Organization Development consultant, she is passionate about holding space for honest and vulnerable conversations with individuals and groups in service of growth and development.

work better day 2019: FIRESIDE CHAT

Sally Kurtz Schiff

Senior Director of Global Team Member Communications, Hilton Worldwide

Sally and her team work with partners across the Hilton enterprise to design and implement internal communications campaigns for Hilton's 400,000+ team members worldwide. Sally also looks after Hilton's global ecosystem of channels used to communicate with and engage team members at the corporate level and across more than 5,700 hotels!


Prior to joining Hilton, Sally was a Senior Vice President at Weber Shandwick, where she designed and led integrated marketing & communications campaigns for Fortune 500 clients, with an emphasis on purpose-driven storytelling and corporate reputation. She also spent time at Target Corporation, first driving business impact as a buyer and then as a leader in Global Affairs/CSR. Sally got her start at boutique agency, GMMB, where she focused on Global Health and Development. She holds a degree in telecommunications from Indiana University and an MBA from The George Washington University. She resides in Washington,D.C. with her husband and two (adorable!) young daughters.

Work Better Day 2019: COMMUNICATION LAB II

Jim Pfautz

Leadership, Analytics, Diversity, and Inclusion Specialist

Harnessing and uncovering biases to create inclusive teams that make better, faster decisions, saving time, money and lives is Jim Pfautz’s greatest passion. Over the last twenty years, Jim has used his in-depth knowledge of unconscious biases, cultural analysis, software and analytical causality to identify barriers within military, government and corporate cultures, revealing barriers to inclusion and engagement. Jim has personally trained, developed, mentored and coached employees and executives to overcome biases while integrating inclusion and engagement for optimal team performance. Uniquely, Jim brings a systems perspective to ensure there is always a direct and tangible correlation between the values learned in the classroom and how that positively, or negatively, impacts the business bottom line. Having personally worked for and lead military, government, commercial and educational organizations, Jim is able to leverage over twenty years of personal experience to help Leaders Lead, Managers Manage and Employees Develop.


‍‍Washington, D.C.

Join us at Gallup on September 18th for the third annual Work Better Day.


901 F Street NW
Washington, DC 20004


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