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Work Better Day is an experience-driven program where experts, researchers, and every-day heroes share their stories, inspire ideas in others, and influence the conversation around what it means to work better and provide an atmosphere that will foster engagement and learning, but also one where attendees can walk away with the ability to impact others within their organizations.

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8am - 10am

Workplace Wellness - Work Smarter, Not Harder

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Kyrah Altman

Co-Founder and Executive Director/CEO of LEAD

Kyrah's story of social entrepreneurship began at nine years old. As a result of growing up in a broken home, she began experiencing severe post-traumatic stress disorder and depression in middle school. While mental illness followed her throughout adolescence, she channeled her struggle into the founding of a social enterprise called Let's Empower, Advocate, and Do (LEAD), Inc. 

In 2016, Kyrah won $32,500 of seed funding in the George Washington University New Venture Competition as the only competing college female and freshman student. Since 2012, Kyrah has been featured in the New York Times and national television, and was named the nation's 3rd best student entrepreneur.

Today, Kyrah is the CEO and co-founder of LEAD, Inc. She travels the world, speaking about the impact of social entrepreneurship on trauma survivors, the importance of proactive mental health education in schools, and the idea that "while not everyone has a mental illness, everyone can improve their mental health." 

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‍Washington, D.C.

Join us at Recharj on June 5th from 8am - 10am!
Recharj delivers peace of mind in a noisy city through meditation & power naps. Space is limited!


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Past Event: May

A Values-Driven Culture with Alicia Korten

keynote speaker: explore May

Alicia Korten

Alicia builds values-driven cultures with organizations like Mary’s Gone Crackers, the Ford Foundation and the Arlington Community Federal Credit Union. Her clients commonly experience significant growth and receive such awards as "best place to work" and "best in industry." Her books and culture curriculum include Values Ignite, Values Sustain and Change Philanthropy.

As a Fulbright Scholar, Alicia took a life-changing trip to Panama’s Darien Gap, where she witnessed the Emberá and Wounaan tribes collectively write their governing constitution. Inspired, she worked with them for seven years. She now draws on the lessons she learned about building tribes to shape highly engaged values-driven cultures.

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