Decisions, Decisions...

Last week in our #WorkBetterWednesday campaign series, we had recipients choose which of the following four themes had the bigger impact on our work-life: Decision Making, Culture, Inventiveness, and Change. The poll revealed that over 50% of you felt Decision Making had the biggest impact! So for the second annual Work Better Day on September 12, 2018, we will be exploring the power of decision making. Join as we will unpack questions such as...

Is our process of decision making actually more important than the decisions themselves? 

Can we learn to frame our choices in a way that allows us to make the right one? 

How do we overcome certain biases that influence our reasoning?

Are there important decisions we are avoiding all together? 


Thank you to all who submitted! With decision making as our charge, we will be exploring what it means to work better. We hope to see you there!