Sponsorship Opportunities


Why sponsor Work Better Day?

Work Better Day attracts people from across all industries – from real estate, design, government, technology, non-profits, start-ups and more. With 2 interactive workshops as well as a panel filled with industry experts, the event is an opportunity to meet, learn, and collaborate with other creative minds – all in effort to improve the way we work. In addition to complimentary breakfast, lunch, and swag, everyone will have time to interact with the panelists and other attendees at the end.

What sponsorship perks interest you and your company?

  • Logo on all WBD marketing
  • Weekly mention of your sponsorship via email and/or social media
  • Industry Sponsorship Exclusivity
  • Access to event findings report
  • Access to attendee list
  • Early access to future events, content and participation opportunities
  • Featured Panelist or Speaker from your company
  • Co-branded marketing campaigns
  • Provide your company swag for all attendees
  • Dedicated space for table setup, logo and swag
  • Exclusive interviews with Panelists and Speakers
  • 1-3 free tickets, based on sponsorship agreement
  • 50% discount code for 1-3 additional tickets, based on sponsorship agreement
  • Promotional sponsorship of coffee, drinks, food, photography, videography, event swag, name badges
  • And we want to hear what else you're interested in!

Interested? Reach out!

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